in the news 29 March – 5 April 2018


* Tricky steps lie ahead for Vietnam’s footwear export market

* Vietnam’s textile & garment industry expect big benefits from EVFTA—garment-industry-expect-big-benefits-from-evfta.html

* FTAs help garment-textile firms diversify export markets

* OBM, ODM modes considered for Vietnam’s textile and production–odm-modes-considered-for-vietnam-s-textile-and-production.html

* Itochu pays US$47mn to raise stake in Vinatex

* US launches investigations into Vietnamese laminated woven sacks

* High-quality workforce: a hot issue before CPTPP (new TPP)–a-hot-issue-before-cptpp.html

* CPTPP (new TPP) likely to launch early 2019

* Mekong River countries can be next ‘kitchen’ and ‘factory’ of the world: summit


* Rural Bến Tre women work their way out of poverty


* Forty workers faint in Kampong Speu province

* Pregnant worker dies -after fainting- while waiting for ride

* Garment workers to be reimbursed


* CDC to issue 35 project certificates in industries

* The road to a better economic future


* A sector too big to fail?
Cambodia’s garment sector is the backbone of the country’s export-driven economy and employs 86 percent  of all factory workers.
But the sector faces threats from increasingly competitive regional neighbours, the
inevitable shift to automation and the potential loss of preferential trade agreements.

The stakes couldn’t be higher for the country’s economy. About 40 percent of Cambodia’s GDP comes from garment exports, while more than 800,000 people are employed in garment factories around the country….


* Thailand wants to join CPTPP (new TPP) trade pact this year: Somkid


* Workers ask government to monitor wage hike implementation

* Efforts made for emergence of Industrial Zones Law


* Water: Garments’ invisible price

* Why All Companies Sourcing Apparel from Bangladesh Should Join the 2018 Accord

* East Kazipara embroidery factory catches fire
Worker dies, two others sustain 80% burns; Pallabi fire victim succumbs to injures

* 3 burnt in city garment factory fire (East Kazipara)

* Three cotton warehouses burnt in Gazipur

* Trade union members protest detention of fellows

* 7 trade union men sent to jail

* Speakers for enacting law to end sexual harassment at workplaces

* Bangladesh court jails mother of collapsed Rana Plaza owner for six years

* Rana’s mother jailed for 6yrs for amassing wealth illegally

* Rana Plaza owner’s mother jailed


* The journey begins
What’s next for the textile and apparel industry?
Part 1
Part 2

* FTAs hold the future

* Ten apparel factories to get awards this year

* Employment in industrial sector down

* Direct exports draw huge investments in garment accessories

* Exports rise 6.4% in first nine months of FY 2017-18

* Clifton Group signs corporate agreement with Robi

* 57 firms seek allocation in RMG Park in Mirsarai SEZ


* 84 fatal accidents, 114 deaths in three years in textile units in Surat, Gujarat: Study

* The Life of Labour: Protest Against Sterlite Copper Plant in TN, Deaths in Surat’s Garment Industry

* Labourers working in textile mkt implement hike in charges

* Garment workers and domestic workers gather to press their demands

* Unmade in India: the story of Tirupur’s decline


* Limited cash flow hits textile exports from region

* Bad news for yoga pants? Blue jeans is becoming cool again

* Tamta assures support to textile industry

* 10k weavers to benefit

* Limited cash flow hits textile exports from region

* Textile industry happy that GST ushered in new payment era

* Textile owners relieved as state puts off intra-state e-way bill implementation


* Speakers suggest raise in budget allocation for social protection

* Labour: still the federal mandate?

* Measures to boost textile exports


* ‘Cotton crop to be cultivated on 6 million acres’

* Change of guard: Govt gives cotton body under control of food ministry


* U.S President determines Trade Preference Program Eligibility For Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda

* The suspension of duty free treatment of Rwanda as a beneficiary sub-Saharan African country under AGOA

* Trump to suspend duty-free apparel imports from Rwanda

* Trump’s latest trade target: Rwanda


* Migration and cheap Chinese goods worry South Africa’s largest trade union group over pan-African free trade

* African countries ban secondhand clothes imports
African countries are trying to support their domestic textile  industries, but pressure from the US and aflood of cheap clothing from China are making it difficult….


* H&M sits on billions of unsold clothes as profits plummet


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Convention on the Rights of the Child
Universal Declaration of Human Rights

I wonder who they are
The men who really run this land
And I wonder why they run it
With such a thoughtless hand

What are their names
And on what streets do they live
I'd like to ride right over
This afternoon and give
Them a piece of my mind
About peace for mankind
Peace is not an awful lot to ask
    David Crosby

I wonder who they are
The people who are buying these clothes
I'd like to know what they've paid for it
How much the makers have paid for this
Fairer income is not an awful lot to ask
Better working conditions is not an awful lot to ask
    A. Searcher

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