in the news 20-23 March 2018


* Vietnam’s footwear boasts competitive edges in few decades

* Viet Nam footwear boasts strong development prospects

* Footwear sector set to step up a level in 2018

* Domestic fashion brands seek foothold in $3.5 billion market–3-5-billion-market.html

* Efforts made to eliminate all forms of child labour in Vietnam by 2025


* Garment workers travel to factories standing in the back of flatbed trucks that often crash

* ADB to launch $60M Labour Ministry program next year * ADB to launch $60M Labour Ministry program next year

* PM vows to halt surprise factory closings

* Government pays $1.2 million to garment workers who gave birth


* Apparel giant VF Corporation refutes ministry’s allegations

* Apparel groups including H&M and Gap urge Cambodia garment industry reform, seek meeting with Hun Sen

* US apparel giant pledges to purchase more Cambodian goods


* Workers strike for immediate increase in minimum wage


* Most garment workers have no contract:survey

* RMG workers demand Tk 16,000 minimum wage

* First meeting of wage board for apparel workers held


* Completing garment factory remediation

* Bangladesh seeks UN support for its inclusive approach towards women development

* Police, workers clash leaves 20 injured in Ctg

* How to achieve sustainable growth in spinning industry

* Brands that have not signed the 2018 Accord

* Jhut godowns catch fire in Gazipur


* RMG units to invest $2.0b in MEZ, create 0.5m jobs

* BGMEA to get 500 acres in Mirsharai economic zone

* Get ready for fourth industrial revolution: experts


* Government extends facility for fixed-termed term employment for all sectors
The government has extended the facility of hiring workers on fixed-term employment to all sectors for improving the ease of doing business for players intending to hire people for completing specified projects, tasks or orders.

This facility was available only for the apparel manufacturing sector as per the Industrial Establishment (Standing Order) 1946.

As per a notification issued by the labour ministry to amend the Order, words “fixed-term employment in apparel manufacturing sector” will be replaced by “fixed-term employment” meaning that facility would be available for all sectors….

* Target to double the textile revenues to USD 300 bn by 2025

* Tirupur garment units turn to Ethiopia


* Agricultural workers suicides rising, but 2016 data shows overall drop in farmer suicides

* CBI books CCI officials for cotton MSP fraud in Telangana

* Call for measures to start cotton production

* Cotton plantings to fall by 12 percent as pesticide dents farmers’ income

* Seed men support sought to check HT cotton spread


* Fully automatic powerloom for coir geo textiles launched

* Eco-friendly and sustainable denim brands you should know exist


* Workers demand govt-fixed wages

* Special report | Sexual harassment in Pakistan: Misogyny in the workplace: hidden in plain sight

* Sexual harassment

* Tripartite committee to suggest amendments to labour laws

* Court hears from MLOs in Baldia factory fire case

* Textile industry: Governor assures millers of taking up issues with PM

* Textile exports surge by 7.17% to $8.8b


* Garment brands must step up to the plate in Haiti


* Broad convening showcases growing momentum for transparency in the garment supply chain

* Open letter calls on EU Commission to include human rights expertise in technical expert group on sustainable finance; BHRRC among signatories


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Convention on the Rights of the Child
Universal Declaration of Human Rights

I wonder who they are
The men who really run this land
And I wonder why they run it
With such a thoughtless hand

What are their names
And on what streets do they live
I'd like to ride right over
This afternoon and give
Them a piece of my mind
About peace for mankind
Peace is not an awful lot to ask
    David Crosby

I wonder who they are
The people who are buying these clothes
I'd like to know what they've paid for it
How much the makers have paid for this
Fairer income is not an awful lot to ask
Better working conditions is not an awful lot to ask
    A. Searcher

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