in the news 15-20 March 2018


* The need to improve Vietnam’s labour force

* Vietnam remains largest winner from Trans-Pacific trade pact without US: experts

* Hong Kong to expand investments in VN

* Vĩnh Long to get 14 industrial hubs


* Minister agrees to final talk on draft minimum wage law

* Workers to be informed of their labour rights

* Minister wants doctors at factory infirmaries

* Garment worker killed, 12 others hurt in crash


* EU and Cambodia commit to stronger trade relations

*  Canada praises progress in factory labour conditions

* From garbage picker to union president


* Indonesia’s textile workers face a tough battle for severance pay

* Adidas faces complaint for breaching OECD guidelines in Indonesia


* New basic wage may take effect in April

 * Export earnings from CMP garment hit over $ 2.332 bln


* 20 hurt as RMG workers clash with cops in Savar

* Slackness in wage board activities ill-motivated: garment workers

* RMG wage board owners, workers’ reps to make proposals by Apr 25

* New garment wage proposals to be ready in six month


* DIFE sends letter of warning to footwear stores to comply with labour laws


Govt talks with stakeholders over concerns of ILO begin

* Equal workplace environment is all that is needed

* Working women heavily affected by stress at work: discussion


Jt committee formed to evaluate nat’l body’s readiness
The government has formed a joint monitoring committee comprised of representatives of brands and buyers,International Labour Organisation, garment factory owners and trade unions to evaluate the status of factory remediation work under Accord and Alliance and the readiness of national regulatory body to take over
post-remediation monitoring from the buyers’ platforms…

* Alliance remediation fund left untouched- Terms and conditions too restrictive

* Alliance members may form independent body if govt fails to set up ‘credible one’ &
Moriarty: Alliance wants independent body to monitor safety progress

* 322 Alliance-affiliated RMG factories complete material components


* Bangladesh ups cotton import from India

* Bangladesh will get GSP facility till 2027: Tofail

* Out of the blue: Bangladesh-US trade talks


* Three women injured in fire at hall in Govandi

* Power looms to run full steam ahead

* What ails Tirupur’s textile mills?

* Over 50% of cotton growers to get aid for crop damage

* ‘Synergy between cotton and synthetic fabrics need of the hour’

* 2.5 lakh new jobs created in garments, made-ups segment


* Top garment store building’s two floors unauthorized: RTI


* Two workers die in factory fire
Two labourers died and three others injured when a fire broke out in a shoe factory at Batapur here on Friday.

The incident occurred near Rampura where fire fighters face d problems in accessing the site due to narrowstreets and it took them four hours to extinguish the fire.

* Law governing home-based workers yet to be passed

PTI MPA Dr Nausheen Hamid on Monday submitted a resolution in the Punjab Assembly demanding legal protection
for the home-based workers.

She said millions of women were working in homes and contributing to the national economy but were
continuously being ignored by the government.

She demanded the government should adopt a policy on the home-based workers and offer them social security,
medical and other facilities.
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* Implementation of anti-harassment law stressed

* Workplaces not suitable for women

* Wasteful fashion
We need more journalists on the frontlines exploring unsustainable practices in clothing industry to bring the issues into the limelight…

* Textile industry for better marketing to enhance exports

* Export package: PRGMEA irked by delay in release of funds

* PTEA lauds govt for releasing Rs5b funds

* Textile exporters oppose further rupee depreciation


* Govt to provide maximum incentives to cotton growers: Finance minister

* Farmers asked to cultivate cotton after mid April

* Handing over cotton body’s control: Bypassing cabinet, Textile Division issues notification

* Plan prepared to boost cotton output

* For two and a half decades, Pakistan’s cotton output remains virtually stagnant
….Though the government has provided incentives for powerful industrial lobbies like textile manufacturers who have been allowed duty-free import of cotton, it has paid little attention to shielding the interest of local farmers…..


* Public letter: H&M must stick to the living wage commitment made in 2013

* Zara and H&M shore up defences as internet threatens


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Convention on the Rights of the Child
Universal Declaration of Human Rights

I wonder who they are
The men who really run this land
And I wonder why they run it
With such a thoughtless hand

What are their names
And on what streets do they live
I'd like to ride right over
This afternoon and give
Them a piece of my mind
About peace for mankind
Peace is not an awful lot to ask
    David Crosby

I wonder who they are
The people who are buying these clothes
I'd like to know what they've paid for it
How much the makers have paid for this
Fairer income is not an awful lot to ask
Better working conditions is not an awful lot to ask
    A. Searcher

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