3 bangle and garment factories sealed

Bachpan Bachao Andolan (BBA) has rescued 22 child labourers in the age group of 11 to 14, working in three bangle and garment factories, in a day-long raid on April 30. The three factories were located in the Gautam Nagar area of Usman Pur in North-East district of New Delhi. All three factories have been sealed.

“A gas welding machine, tins of chemical colours and sharp-edged sheets of iron lined the scorching room in the first bangle factory where the raid was conducted,’’ noted a release issued by the group.

The raid was led by Sub-Divisional Magistrate (Seelampur) accompanied by police, personnel from Labour Department, BBA activists and the Reserve Police Force. “Working with large machinery and poisonous chemical dyes with no protective gears such as gloves or goggles, these children were a picture of pity. The children worked from morning till late evening in cramped conditions,’’ noted the release.
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20150506 * AFT Workers Stage Protest:

The members of all trade unions of the now defunct Anglo-French Textile mills took out a procession on Tuesday pressing a charter of demands.

The workers demanded that the mill should be reopened without any further delay and modernisation should be undertaken only after obtaining Rs 500 crore from the Centre.

They said the functioning of the mill had fallen off its track due to mismanagement.

The mill had came to a grinding halt following the Thane Cyclone two years back, which left the buildings and machines devastated.The leaders pointed out that mill should be revamped and and made fully operational.
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20150507 * Gruel centres opened:

As part of intensifying their indefinite strike, powerloom workers opened gruel centres at nine places in Pallipalayam here on Wednesday.

Since the centres were opened despite warnings from the police, 641 workers, including 213 women, were arrested.

With powerloom workers demanding higher wages, the district administration conducted a meeting in which a wage pact was reached between textile manufacturers, powerloom owners and workers.

However, it is said that manufacturers refused to provide additional charge of 20 per cent to the owners who would in turn pay it to workers.
With talks yielding no results, members of CITU announced that gruel centres would be opened on Wednesday.
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20150506 * Honour wage agreement: Collector:

Collector V. Dakshinamoorthy has asked stakeholders in Pallipalayam to honour the wage agreement reached recently and warned of action against the violators.

Power loom owners and workers had recently announced indefinite strike demanding hike in labour charges and wages respectively.

Hence, a tripartite meeting was held at the Collectorate on April 15, 20 and on April 25 in which textile manufacturers, owners of power loom units that produce lungis, RG varieties and members of various trade unions participated.

At the end of the meeting, an agreement was reached by which manufacturers of lungis should provide an additional charge of 20 per cent to the owners who would in turn pay it to workers.

Also, manufacturers of RG varieties should provide an additional charge of 24 per cent to the owners, who would in turn pay additional 20 per cent to workers.
The agreement came into force from April 25, 2015 and would be for two years.

However, they continued their indefinite strike.
Hence, the Collector warned of action for violating the pact and asked the trade unions to cooperate in implementing the agreement.
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